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Jameis Winston deleted that crab legs picture

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Update 2: Jason Licht went on the Rich Eisen Show and denied that they asked Winston to take down the picture.

Update: Rick Stroud adds some context

When Jameis Winston posted a picture of himself in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey and hat, celebrating his being drafted number one overall with some crab legs, I thought it was amusing. He seemed to be poking fun at a fairly dumb but innocuous situation, albeit one that got him in a minimal amount of trouble. I thought it showed self-awareness and a sense of humor.

A lot of people didn't seem to agree, and just saw it as yet another incident of his being immature. And apparently, someone in Winston's camp agreed -- that crab legs picture is now gone from his Instagram account. Here's what the picture looked like:

Winston crab legs

Accompanying the picture was the text "Thanks Capt for the crab legs."

Maybe this was just a reaction to all the folks bashing Winston for a fairly innocent picture, or maybe the Bucs slapped him on the wrist for posting this in the first place, or perhaps he just thought better of it after waking up in the morning. Who knows?

Instead, this is now Winston's most recent Instagram picture.

So proud to join @tbbuccaneers #nfldraft2015 #JameisDraft2015

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