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Jameis Winston works out for Buccaneers on Wednesday

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Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are working out Marcus Mariota in Oregon today, and have been flooding their website with fresh new Mariota content. But tomorrow, they'll do the same thing with Jameis Winston. That's according to Pewter Report, who say Winston will work out for the Bucs at FSU then.

These private workouts for both quarterbacks are probably the last direct contact the team and these players will have before the draft. So far, everything points to Winston being the quarterback still.

One interesting thing about these workouts is that the Bucs have asked both Mariota and WInston to put everything together themselves: the drills they want to show off, the players they get together and things like that. The Bucs do that to see "leadership and organization skills," according to Jenna Laine. Her article has a lot of information on the types of things the Bucs are looking for and asking of these quarterbacks, so mka eusre to give it a read.