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NFL Draft Rumors: Mike Glennon probably won't be traded

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Recently, there are some thoughts that Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback Mike Glennon is on the trading block.  Pewter Reports' Mark Cook has an answer from his online Chat Fridays that contradicts any notion of trading Glennon.

I believe the biggest debate that will take place draft weekend is Glennon. I am certain teams will be willing to make a deal and offer at least a mid-round pick if not more. So I am not confident Glennon is here next year.

But by the Bucs not signing a veteran QB during the offseason, it tells me they would prefer to have Glennon as a backup. (Plus I have been told that directly to my face as well). But a third round pick could be an offensive starter. A guard perhaps? What is more valuable? A backup QB or starter on the offensive line? This is where the debate could happen.

Then add to that, Lovie said the following at a breakfast interview:

"I think we want to have our quarterback position as strong as possible. Yes, you're a veteran and you've been in the league, you can help a young player coming in a little bit more. But Mike Glennon is on our roster because we think he can play. You need more than one good quarterback, that's why Mike is there. No one is working harder than Mike Glennon at improving his body and becoming a better quarterback."

So while the Bucs are fielding trade inquiries, depth at the quarterback position is important to Lovie Smith. Last year, Glennon had to coming in at halftime when starting quarterback Josh McCown fell to injury. Glennon started five games last year. There is still some promise in Glennon. Although he helped generate one win in those five games started, he did help give the team a lead in the fourth quarter four times.

What is there not to like about a backup quarterback on a cheap rookie deal that has two more years left on his contract? Not only that, but with an established offensive coordinator in Dirk Koetter, who has helped Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan, Glennon can improve his game and possibly raise his stock.

But Mark Cook does pose a great question, "What if it's a third round pick?"