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Buccaneers continue to stoke trade rumors for 2015 NFL draft

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers seem set to pick Jameis Winston with the number one overall, but for some reason general manager Jason Licht has been stoking trade rumors like a man possessed the past few weeks. The most recent addition came this Sunday, when Licht told Steve Wyche of that multiple teams called about the top pick on Sunday, noting that "everything is for sale."

That comes on the heels of a report that the Bucs' phone is "ringing off the hook" with trade offers, another report that they're receiving trade offers but none of them strong enough to actually deal the pick, and Licht noting on the record in a press conference that they will use their time to wait for "a scenario where somebody offers you something you can't refuse."

Meanwhile, Ian Rapoport and Daniel Jeremiah both noted in today's Move The Sticks podcast that the Bucs will take Jameis Winston -- unless they get that offer they can't refuse. Again with those exact words. It's almost like the Bucs have been broadcasting their position. There's no harm in running out the clock and just seeing whether someone's going to come up with that perfect offer -- but that doesn't mean it's going to happen. All of the concrete trade reports have talked about Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans at number two, not Jameis Winston at number one.

Jeremiah did float one interesting option, one that I wouldn't immediately discount completely. "Jameis Winston fits perfectly with Ken Whisenhunt at number two, and if Tampa did decide that they wanted Marcus Mariota they could always flip and still get their guy."

That's the one scenario that I could see happening, but it's still exceedingly unlikely.  And until further notice, which is about 50 hours from now, Jameis Winston will be the pick.