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NFL Draft 2015: Buccaneers receiving trade offers, but none strong enough

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have stated this past weeks that they'd be open to trading the number one pick, provided an offer came along that would blow them away. Now it seems that the Bucs are indeed receiving offers, but none of them are good enough for them to consider trading the pick, per Rand Getlin of Yahoo! Sports.

"Multiple teams have reached out to the Bucs recently, inquiring into what it would take to get the #1 pick," Getlin said on Twitter. "Though the Bucs have clearly been listening, no proposal has been strong enough for the team to seriously consider."

While there are lots of rumors of teams looking to trade up to number two to take Mariota, the rumors surrounding the number one pick and Jameis Winston have been a lot calmer. Presumably for one simple reason: Winston is widely believed to be the Bucs pick, and the team has done everything short of announcing the actual pick to confirm that notion.

The fact that the Bucs are receiving trade calls shouldn't shock anyone, though. General managers field and make lots of calls to gauge interest in and costs of potential draft-day trades in the weeks leading up to the draft. It would be surprising if no team had inquired after the Bucs' number one pick. The fact remains that the team is exceedingly unlikely to receive an offer enticing enough for them to pass up Jameis Winston.