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Jameis Winston unlikely to face second accusation

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Cummings and Joey Johnston of the Tampa Tribune wrote an extensive article on the way the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have investigated Jameis Winston this weekend, which is well worth a read. One detail is particularly interesting: a note that Winston is unlikely to face a second accuser.

About two weeks ago, an attorney representing the Bucs did speak to Georgia Cappleman, an assistant in the Tallahassee State Attorney's Office, which decided not to prosecute Winston.

"He asked about our investigation, but more specifically they were interested in knowing if there were any reports of, or additional information in reference to, a second victim," said Cappleman, an FSU graduate and the daughter of former Seminoles quarterback Bill Cappleman. "I advised them that there was another woman who received some counseling services from Florida State University as a result of an encounter with Mr. Winston that was of a sexual nature."

Though Cappleman acknowledged she has not had contact with the second woman, she said she told the Bucs she "doubts" the woman will be a problem for Winston going forward because that person "doesn't even consider herself a victim."

That contradicts an earlier report that there was a general expectation that she would come forward, either as part of the first accuser's current civil suit, or as part of her own civil suit. The existence of this second person was mentioned in the current civil suit, but it's not clear whether she'll give a statement as part of that suit.  That is still a possibility of course, but it certainly doesn't sound like that is likely to happen at this point.

The Bucs have made it clear that the civil suit will not affect their draft plans, and they're widely expected to take Jameis Winston. The team has repeatedly made it clear that they view Winston's off-field issues as immaturity, and that they don't think he's a "bad guy."

Beyond that, Johnston and Cummings dive into a lot of the details of who the Bucs spoke to in investigating Winston off the field. Again, the entire article is well worth a read.