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Bill Parcells is not a fan of Winston.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I had switched the channel to ESPN late into the evening to listen to NFL Live while reading online. It was quite fortuitous timing as the topic on someone not liking Jameis Winston was going to be discussed just as I was reading on Bucs Nation about some anonymous executives not liking Winston.

In the segment, NFL Live had introduced Bill Parcells as that personnel not liking Winston.  You can find the following quote from a Mike & Mike interview, around the 6:18 mark of the interview.  The quote presented was the only quote NFL Live presented in its segment.

"He's a good sized guy, but he's not real fast.  And I don't think he's going to be able to avoid the rush.  So you just kinda wonder, durability-wise, is he going to be a Ben Roethlisberger or a Philip Rivers, a guy that can take a beatin' or is he gonna fall victim to the physical part of the game when the pass rush gets real heavy on him."

To be fair, the whole interview says that Parcells was looking at this from afar, meaning he has not scouted nor done any in-depth research on Winston.

Then NFL Live presented this visual statistic.

Jameis Winston
Under Pressure
Passing when under duress in college career
2013 2014
Comp. Pct 60% 39%
Yds per att 9.8 5.1
TD-Int 8 - 2 2 - 4
Stats from ESPN tv.

And then added Winston was sacked 17 times last season, down from 27 in 2013. One reason for the drop in efficiency that NFL Live gave was that WR Kelvim Benjamin was no longer around to be that quick outlet.

It is quite interesting to note that with a porous offensive line, Winston was able to reduce the number of sacks for the year. The lack of quality receivers at his disposal along with a lack of a run game may have been other factors not included in the NFL Live pundits.

Still, it is pertinent to acknowledge this information and hopefully our OC, Dirk Koetter, can help diffuse some duress or improve the efficiency under duress while lacking an offensive line and, possibly, a lack of a run game - if Winston is the Tampa Bay pick at first overall.