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Bobby Rainey signs his tender, but can he make the Buccaneers' roster?

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Running back Bobby Rainey has signed his tender, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced. As a restricted free agent, he was tendered an offer worth $1.54 million with no draft pick compensation, the lowest amount a free agent can be tendered at.

Rainey's signing the tender really is just a formality. Other teams could have signed him to an offer sheet, but the window to do so closes today. So at this point, Rainey really had no choice but to sign his tender and resign himself to playing for the Bucs this season -- assuming he makes the roster, which is no guarantee.

While Rainey has been productive over the past two years, he faces fairly hefty competition from Doug Martin, Charles Sims and Mike James. Making matters more tenuous for Rainey are the persistent-but-unlikely rumors that they'll trade for Adrian Peterson, and the likelihood that they'll add another back in the draft. While Rainey's been productive, he was shelved at the end of last season when both Doug Martin and Charles Sims were healthy -- he received 0 carries after week 12 and was almost exclusively a kick returner at that point.

Still, the Bucs liked Rainey enough to tender him a pretty decent $1.54 million offer, so they don't think he's chopped liver. The running back position won't be the most exciting roster battle this offseason, but it sure will be interesting.