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Jameis Winston stays in Alabama for the 2015 NFL draft

Jameis Winston will spend the draft with friends and family in Birmingham, Alabama, Peter Schrager of Fox Sports reports. While Winston had long hinted that he wanted to be with his family and friends during the draft, this seems to be a lot more definitive than it was at the time -- he always left the door open to coming to Chicago.

This has, well, no bearing on anything really. The Bucs aren't going to pick someone based on whether or not he's in Chicago, and the only things that'll be hurt are TV producers' feelings -- not particularly relevant.

Like every other bit of draft information this is going to be over-analyzed and criticized for nonsensical reasons, but I think we just have to see it for what it is: someone wanting to spend the most important day in his life with friends and family, instead of on stage at a media event.