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Mel Kiper, Todd McShay mock draft address all Buccaneers needs

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay of ESPN went head-to-head for a three-round mock draft today, and the results they managed to get for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were pretty good.

The first pick continues to be Jameis Winston, of course. The second- and third-round picks are a lot more interesting. In this case, Oregon's Jake Fisher falls to the Bucs at number 34, while they pick up Florida State's Mario Edwards at number 65. That addresses each of the Bucs' top needs: quarterback, offensive tackle and defensive end, in that order.

One interesting note: Kiper passed up Clemson's Vic Beasley in the second round, who could turn into a pretty explosive pass rusher, though there's an argument to make that he can't play defensive end in a 4-3 at  his size. But Lovie Smith and other Tampa 2 coaches have always been willing to overlook a lack of size if it came with an increase in explosive ability. Then again, drafting a pass rusher in the second round would leave the Bucs with a problem along the offensive line.

The fact that this draft addresses the Bucs' main needs doesn't mean those needs are addressed in the best way possible. Drafting someone who fits best at right tackle in Fisher means moving Demar Dotson over to the left side, which is not his ideal position. And Mario Edwards is a solid player, but he's not the explosive edge rusher the Bucs crave. Unfortunately, at the top of the second and third rounds, you're not going to get ideal players -- those are all long since off the board.

So in total, I think this is about the best draft the Bucs could reasonably hope for.