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Anonymous scout ranks Jameis Winston just behind Andrew Luck

Harry How/Getty Images

Jameis Winston has been praised for his on-field prowess, a lot. His ability to work from the pocket, to throw with anticipation, to read defenses and adjust his offense at the line of scrimmage are at a level you don't see often in college. That's led to more than one comparison to Andrew Luck. And now Greg Bedard got "a high-ranking evaluator from an NFL team" to rank every quarterback prospect over the past few years -- and he ranked Winston just behind Andrew Luck, ahead of every other prospect.

You have Luck, who is in his own category. The only guy who compares well to him in the last five years is Jameis. A quarterbacks coach will tell you that Winston has fewer issues than Cam or RG3. Most guys are looking for a strong-armed pocket passer with the ability to read coverage. There's no projecting that with Jameis; he's already able to do it. We have Winston high, but don't believe he's quite as skilled as Luck.

Meanwhile, Marcus Mariota clocks in at number six -- right behind Blaine Gabbert, curiously enough. but ahead of Ryan Tannehill, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater.

Note that this is a ranking based on his team's evaluations of those quarterbacks before each draft, which is why Blaine Gabbert is ranked at number five. No hindsight here, apparently. But it simply confirms what we've known for quite a long time now: the consensus view is that Jameis Winston is the best on-field quarterback in this draft, and the best on-field quarterback not named Andrew Luck in any draft over the past decade or so.