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NFL Trade Rumors: Buccaneers' phone "ringing off the hook"

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are getting a lot of calls for the number one overall pick. If they want to trade down, they certainly have the opportunity to do so. That's what Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report reports.

A Buccaneers source tells me the team's phone is "ringing off the hook" with teams calling about the possibility of trading up.

Now, I know this leak is self-serving. The Buccaneers want the impression out there that a number of teams want the top pick, thus possibly driving up the market value. But I trust this person wholeheartedly and believe it.

This seems pretty likely, anyway. The Bucs have made it fairly clear that they're open to trading the number one pick, provided they get an offer that absolutely blows them away. And interest in the number one overall pick is always high -- teams trying to find out whether they could get the pick only makes sense, especially with two quality quarterbacks available.

That doesn't mean a trade's likely to happen. Indeed, we have no indication that the Buccaneers are about to trade down. Every team has its price, including the Bucs, but that price is going to be exorbitant in this situation, which means no team is likely to meet it. Especially after the RG3 trade blew up in Washington's face.