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Jameis Winston's crab legs were a hook up, and no one should care

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

So Jameis Winston addressed the incident where he was cited for taking crab legs out of a Publix without paying for them last night on ESPN's Draft Academy. And the explanation was basically what everyone expected: he had a hook up at that Publix who would let him walk out with crab legs without paying. Except, apparently, someone who wasn't in on the deal called the cops on him. Via CollegeSpun:

I saw this, and only briefly mentioned it because it didn't seem particularly interesting to me. It was fairly common knowledge that this was the most likely explanation, and it's not like this one incident is going to tip the scales from immaturity to bad person or the other way around.

But now it's all over the internet, which means I'm going to write about it too. People want to read about crab legs, apparently.

Basically, this is not a big deal to me. This kind of thing happens all over college football - it's just that most folks don't get caught for hookups like this. Yeah, this may turn into an NCAA investigation -- that has no real bearing on Winston's NFL future, or his character, or anything else except the NCAA's obsession with preventing anyone other than the NCAA itself from profiting from student athletes, including those athletes themselves.

So I'm concurring with Jason Kirk, here: Jameis Winston was right to take crab legs, because crab legs are delicious.