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Jameis Winston talks off-field behavior with Jim Harbaugh on Draft Academy

ESPN's Draft Academy continued yesterday, with one of the segments featuring Jim Harbaugh coaching Jameis Winston on how to talk to teams about his off-field issues. You can watch one clip above, or right here.

One note we didn't know before: Winston was suspended for a game in high school after laughing at his coach for crying. Joe Banner, the former team president and CEO of the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns was not impressed.

Of course, Joe Banner isn't actually a team president or CEO anymore, so take his opinion for what it's worth.

Laughing at your coach for crying is really dumb, but at the same time -- it happened in high school. As with all the other incidents that are not a rape accusation, it's easy to see those issues as a sign of immaturity Winston could and maybe already has grown past. Which is how the Bucs are viewing all of Winston's issues, as far as we can tell.

Update: Another interesting bit from that interview: Winston confirmed the long-standing rumor that his stealing crab legs was the consequence of a "hook up" FSU players had at that Publix, via the Sporting News.