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Buccaneers continue to talk up Mike Glennon

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' words can believed, they love Mike Glennon. They called him the "future of the franchise" last year, and Jason Licht said yesterday that they still like the quarterback.

"Really like Mike Glennon," Licht said. "He's a very valuable piece of this organization and team."

Of course, if you look at the team's actions they don't actually like Glennon all that much. They signed Josh McCown instead of playing him last year. And when McCown turned out to be awful, they kept Glennon on the bench. Even when they were playing almost exclusively backups in the final game of the year, Glennon continued to sit on the sidelines. And of course, the Bucs have repeatedly and strongly hinted that they'll take a quarterback number one overall this year -- so obviously, there are some strong limits to how much they like Glennon.

There's one thing that changed between then and now: the Bucs got a new offensive coordinator in Dirk Koetter, and perhaps he's more impressed by Glennon than the team's previous offensive coaching staff. Glennon is stylistically fairly close to Koetter's former protege Matt Ryan, so I could see that.

And then there's the fact that the Bucs didn't add a veteran quarterback this offseason. They reportedly courted Shaun Hill, but he signed with the Minnesota Vikings instead. And the Bucs didn't go after anyone else, which means that aside from Glennon the only other quarterback on the roster is second-year undrafted free agent Seth Lobato. Unless they add a quarterback in free agency, it'll be hard for them to move Glennon. They need a capable backup, after all.

Whereas last year there were plenty of trade rumors surrounding Glennon, this offseason has been oddly quiet. The Bucs would certainly trade him for the right price, but no reports of external interest or actively trying to trade Glennon have come out. Which suggests that Glennon's here to stay. Again.