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NFL Draft 2015: Buccaneers know who they're drafting

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers know who they're drafting, Albert Breer of the NFL Network reported today. The Bucs are widely expected to take Jameis Winston, and while the team isn't announcing the pick yet, Breer notes the next 10 days are simply "about make sure it's right."

We won't know for certain until the Bucs actually turn in the pick, but there's really no reason to think that pick will be Marcus Mariota. Even with a few reports that the Bucs are leaning in a different direction, the overwhelming sense and the majority of reports continue to point in Jameis Winston's direction. The Bucs have publicly downplayed Winston's off-field issues, and the Tampa Bay Times reported this weekend that the Bucs are not concerned about the rape accusation.

And on the field, the strong consensus is that Winston is the better prospect. He's not flawless, but no prospect is. With no real reason to believe the off-field issues will stop the Bucs from taking Winston, it seems obvious that that's where they're going

Meanwhile, the Bucs are already busy marketing their number one pick.

Bucs aren't waiting to market the No. 1 overall pick ...

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