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Defensive end George Johnson visits Buccaneers

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had restricted free agent George Johnson in for a visit today, first reported by Jenna Laine and since confirmed by several other reporters. Johnson was tendered by the Detroit Lions, who will have the right to match any contract the Bucs offer Johnson -- if they offer him one.

Ironically, the Bucs actually had Johnson in the building from 2010 through 2012 when he flashed potential every time he got on the field, but somehow couldn't stick around. That potential finally came out last year, when he put up six sacks in 16 games as a backup. That's pretty respectable, and he'd be a good fit in the Bucs' rotation at right defensive end.

The Bucs have tried to get some extra help at that position this offseason, but so far have only managed to cut Michael Johnson. They went after both Greg Hardy and Derrick Morgan, but failed to sign either. With holes at multiple positions, signing Johnson could allow them to focus their draft picks elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the Bucs also worked out former Chiefs linebacker Darin Drakefordper Aaron Wilson. With Brandon Magee leaving for baseball, the team could use some extra depth there.