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Today's Tampa Bay Times sports page is pretty cool

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Times' sports page published profiles on both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota today. And it looks pretty cool.

That's pretty clever.

The two profiles can be found online, as well. Matt Baker headed over to Hueytown, Alabama to see how Jameis Winston's hometown felt about the Florida State quarterback -- though calling Hueytown his hometown may not be entirely inaccurate.

Meanwhile, Rick Stroud hopped on a plane to Hawaii to see Mariota's formative environment, and his quiet demeanor. The best anecdote in either profile:

"Okay, Marcus, today you've got to get in someone's face. You've got to yell. You've got to get into them or you've got 10 gassers (sprints)."

Mariota didn't hesitate before responding, "I'll take the 10 gassers." His teammates thought he was just getting in extra work and ran them with him.

"That's the way I played, but that's just not Marcus," Arceneaux said. "I loved he wasn't going to change because a coach told him to. I had to understand where he was coming from. I had to re-evaluate how I'm coaching. At the time, I think I'm making him better, but he was making me better. At that age, he had a way of telling you things I need to hear, at times the things I didn't want to hear.