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NFL Draft 2015: Glazers involved in Buccaneers' pick

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren't known for being a team with heavy meddling by its owners, but the Glazers are still heavily involved in the team's day-to-day business. Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune wrote a pretty interesting story today on the way the Glazers influence the team's decisions.

"We keep our owners informed on everything we like to do, including this No. 1 pick,'' Lovie Smith said. "There is constant communication and dialogue going on.''

In recent years, it seems the Bucs' owners have been more open about their involvement with the team. They've been careful to note that they haven't been making the decisions -- they're not trying to be Jerry Jones -- but this is still their team, and they want to be informed on what their employees are doing, and why. And that implies that they sign off on those actions, too.

That's something general manager Jason Licht confirmed to the Tribune.

"Like Mr. Kraft, the Glazers give us anything we need,'' Licht said. "Lovie and I often say to each other how lucky we are to work for a team where the owners never tell us who to draft, who to sign and never give us directives on who to cut. Yes, they ask questions, but I don't think there's a GM in this league that can do whatever he wants.''

Of course, given the team's results over the past decade or so, perhaps that involvement isn't for the best.