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Jaguars sign Stefen Wisniewski

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have signed free agent center Stefen Wisniewskiaccording to Adam Schefter. That removes the last viable interior lineman from the free agent market, leaving the Buccaneers with only trades and the 2015 NFL draft to fill that massive hole at right guard -- that, or they're hoping second-year fifth-round pick Kadeem Edwards manages to miraculously transform into a starter.

The Bucs had Wisniewski in for a visit early in free agency, but let him leave. It took him over a month to get signed somewhere, so it's not like he was in high demand. But passing on yet another lineman leaves the Bucs with only so many options -- and it effectively means they almost have to use their second-round pick to get a starting lineman.

Making matters worse is the fact that they also need a new starter at one tackle position. Demar Dotson can play on either side, but behind him the Bucs only have second-year fifth-round pick Kevin Pamphile. He showed some potential, but not much more than that -- certainly not who you want to rely on to protect a rookie quarterback. The Bucs will have to use a few picks on linemen in the draft, but having at least one reliable, veteran starter to fill one of those holes would have been nice.