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NFL Trade Rumors: Adrian Peterson linked to Buccaneers

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Adrian Peterson was reinstated by the NFL yesterday, which means he is now eligible to play. And that means that teams will now actually be willing to trade for them -- or at least more willing than they were before. One of the teams that has been repeatedly linked to Adrian Peterson is, of course, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And Ian Rapoport once again did the linking yesterday, noting that the Bucs were one of the teams to watch, per Justin Pawlowski of Bucs Blitz. We'll probably keep hearing the Bucs' name in relation to Peterson until he's traded.

Why this rumor makes sense

The Buccaneers have been pretty open about their interest in adding another running back this offseason, and they probably won't find a better one than Peterson, either. So hey, adding a better player to the team always makes some sense, right? And it's hard to argue that Peterson wouldn't make the team better - the Bucs have quite a few running backs, but none are good enough to carry their rushing offense. Especially with the way this offensive line looks.

Why this rumor doesn't make sense

Because Peterson is old, has been less productive in recent years, the Bucs have a pretty full stable of running backs anyway, they don't have a surplus of draft picks and Peterson's contract is ridiculously cumbersome -- that is going to have to be renegotiated regardless of who trades for him, if any team does. Oh, and there's the whole beating-his-child-bloody-with-a-switch thing.

Wow, those are a lot of reasons why this doesn't make sense.

Odds this happens: 3/10

I don't see it. The Bucs have been pretty aggressive about turning down expensive, old players -- though they did make an exception with Logan Mankins. Perhaps they're enamored enough with Peterson to add him and make him the team's lead back, but this is a move that could easily backfire in rather spectacular fashion.