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William Gholston doesn't forget about the people who helped him

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Say you get stuck on the freeway, out of gas, as a high school senior, with no money on you. How grateful would you be if a gas station attendant just gave you a container of gas? And would you ever re-visit to pay the man back?

I don't know if I ever would, though I'd certainly intend to. But Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end William Gholston sure did, showing up five years after the fact to repay the attendant with a neat $100 for a can of gas. The gas station attendant originally posted the story on Reddit, where it was picked up by The Big Lead. The Tampa Bay Times then got in touch with the attendant, named Mohamed Gabasha, for the full story.

"He was stuck on the Lodge and didn't have any money on him," Gabasha recalled. "He came in and sat down. We looked at him, tall kid, humble, quiet, and thought 'Something's going on here, you know.' He wasn't begging or anything. He was stuck. We asked 'You OK?' and he told us his story. There was something about him, where you wanted to help him out."

That's just really cool.