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NFL Draft Rumors: Jameis Winston to the Buccaneers a "done deal"?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

That the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will draft Jameis Winston is no longer really in doubt. But we still haven't seen credible reports that state, with certainty, that Winston will be the pick. With just a few weeks before the draft starts, you'd think we'd have confirmation by now. But, as was the case with Andrew Luck in 2012, we don't --except for a new report by Benjamin Allbright.

Allbright is generally reliable when he reports something, and this fits everything else we've heard. Every local beat writer appears to be convinced that Jameis Winston will be the Bucs' pick, and the team has been banging the 'immaturity not a bad guy' drum for quite some time now.

Whether Allbright's sources know what they're talking about is something we can't really assess. But at this point it's not exactly a daring proposition to suggest Tampa Bay will draft Winston.