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Watch Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota on Gruden's QB Camp

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Gruden's QB Camp is finally getting under way, with Marcus Mariota's segment having aired on Wednesday, while Jameis Winston is due to appear tonight at 7:00 p.m.. And as is tradition, ESPN has posted a bunch of clips from both quarterbacks online. Watch, as Jon Gruden throws ridiculously complicated playcalls their way and asks them to throw balls and make jokes. Yay!

Oddly enough, ESPN never posts the full segments anywhere. Not even months after they've aired. This seems like a massive waste and missed opportunity to me -- this is the kind of thing you want to show people over and over again. So yeah. Please put up the full versions somewhere, ESPN? These clips are nice, but they're not the same.

Still, clips!

Jameis Winston

Marcus Mariota