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Jameis Winston gets head start on Buccaneers PR campaign

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston is getting a head start on his community work and/or PR campaign in the Tampa Bay area, as he was in Tampa last night to support a Mike Alstott Foundation event. Helping one of the most popular Tampa Bay Buccaneers of all time is going to go a ways to getting Bucs fans to like the man who's likely to be their next quarterback.

This may have been at Winston's own initiative, seeing an opportunity to do some work in a community he's likely to be a part of pretty soon -- or it may have come at the instigation of the Buccaneers, who would like their likely future quarterback to get a head start on their PR campaign. Or perhaps it's simply Mike Alstott trying to get someone else in on his foundation -- who knows?

Regardless of who instigated this, it's a good idea for Winston. His major issue is off-field stuff -- ranging from minor lapses in judgment, to a serious rape accusation for which he's never been found guilty. Getting the fanbase to embrace Winston appears to be a battle already won to a large extent, but minor things like attending charity events can go a long way.