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Jermey Parnell drawing Buccaneers interest in free agency

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to shore up their offensive line, and one of the players they're likely target is offensive tackle Jermey Parnellper Mike Garofolo. Parnell started five games at right tackle for the Dallas Cowboys last season, and managed one start at left tackle in 2012.

Parnell would likely replace Anthony Collins, who is almost certain to be cut after just a single season. With Parnell's experience on both the left and right side of the offensive line, he'd have the versatility to play wherever Demar Dotson couldn't. He'd also have to compete with second-year tackle Kevin Pamphile, who looked pretty solid last season in very limited time.

After spending lots of money on inexperienced tackle Anthony Collins last year, it looks like the Bucs are going to try to the same thing: find an inexperienced but talented guy, and hope that his play over a small sample size translates to a larger role. We'll see whether it works this time.