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Jason Licht says Jameis Winston confirmed everything they thought about him

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had Jameis Winston in for a visit this past week, and the official site has been hard at work publishing lots of things on that visit -- including an interview with Winston. The la test: a video of Jason Licht talking about Winston and his visit. And Licht was full of praise for the quarterback.

"He's lively, he's engaging, he's incredibly smart, he confirmed all the things we thought about him going into this process, but the process isn't done.

"We brought in Jameis [Winston] in, we had him here for a full day, we met with a lot of people," Licht said. "Typically in this business we don't go around telling everybody what we're doing, for good reason. But it didn't get out. The player and his representatives knew the importance of us trying to keep it under wraps."

More fingers pointing toward Winston as the first overall pick but, as everyone keeps emphasizing, the process isn't over yet.

"With an important pick we are non-stop still digging into everything about these players," Licht said. "We haven't gone public or we haven't told anybody 'this is who we're taking.' We haven't told one player 'you are the guy we're taking.' Like I said, we're still going to utilize the time that we have and make sure that we're making the right decision."