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Jameis Winston at FSU pro day today

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State University is holding its pro day today, which means Jameis Winston will be throwing for a public audience for the last time before entering the NFL. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be at hand to witness it all, presumably talk to Winston a little more and talk to all his teammates to figure out whether this is really the guy they want to draft. Though if they don't know that by now, they've probably been slacking.

This stuff is tiring precisely because it doesn't matter. Winston could have the worst pro day in the history of NFL pro days and it still wouldn't measurably affect his stock -- or it shouldn't, at least. Everything there is to know about his on-field play, we already know. This pro day will tell us nothing new, because that's not what pro days do.

But it'll give us plenty of extra opportunities to overanalyze a meaninglessly sample of throws looking for damning flaws or the sure sign of a franchise quarterback. We'll find neither.

That doesn't mean this pro day is meaningless, though. FSU has plenty of other NFL prospects for whom this could be significant, because of drills they haven't gone through before or interaction they haven't witnessed before. Cam Erving should be of interest to the Bucs, who really need offensive line help. So keep an eye on him. Just disregard the swirling tornadoes surrounding Winston's today.