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Buccaneers have second-most valuable set of draft picks

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Wonder how much the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' draft picks are worth? Just a little less than the Browns' picks, but more than every other group of picks, apparently. It's not entirely clear what this is based on, but it's presumably one of many, many different trade value charts out there.

The Bucs are only behind the Browns because Cleveland has an extra first-round pick, thanks to trading away Trent Richardson. That's more than the Bucs got for Mark Barron last year, and yet Barron's almost certainly a better player. Having the first overall pick is really valuable, of course, and the Bucs do have an extra sixth-round pick thanks to that Barron trade.

Of course, the ultimate value of each set of picks will be determined by the players these teams select. And for the Bucs it'll be a very simple proposition: if they get a franchise quarterback, this draft will have been tremendously valuable. If they don't, none of the rest of the draft really matters, because everyone's going to be fired in two years and we'll have to go through yet another rebuilding period.

Those are the harsh realities of the NFL.