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Buccaneers one of Adrian Peterson's preferred destinations

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings are preparing to cut ties with Adrian Peterson, whether through trade or free agency. And according to Yahoo!'s Charles Robinson, Peterson would like to go to one of five teams: the Dallas Cowobys, the Arizona Cardinals, the Indianapolis Colts, the San Diego Chargers and....the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I can't really detect a coherent pattern among those teams, but hey, who am I to argue with his preferences?

The question isn't really where Adrian Peterson would like to play, but whether the Buccaneers are interested in Adrian Peterson. And truthfully, they might be -- provided his salary drops by a gigantic amount and they don't have to give up anything more than a token amount in trade.

Peterson is set to earn $13 million this year, $15 million next year and a ridiculous $17 million in 2017. He's not going to see anything remotely close to that, especially not now that he's turning 30 this year. But the Bucs want a strong running game, Lovie Smith has faced Adrian Peterson plenty of times and he was still a very productive player just two years ago -- and it's not like spending all of 2014 suspended will have left many treads on the tires.

Robinson reports that he's willing to "restructure" his contract, but something significantly more drastic than a restructure will likely be needed for the Bucs to sign him. And that's assuming that they want to build around an aging running back who pled guilty to a misdemeanor after beating his son bloody with a switch last year.