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This is how the media covered the Buccaneers' second game ever

Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports

Way back when, nearly 40 years ago now, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were an expansion team. The new kids on the block in an established league. A team that had to make do with the worst players every other roster had to offer, and the first overall pick in the 1976 NFL draft. That team infamously went an entire season without a win, and we could apparently predict that based on the preseason games.

At least, that's if we can go by an article posted by Reddit user kris919 about an early 1976 Bucs' game. Judging by the text, this was an article about the Bucs' second preseason game ever. Update: Noting that this article got to Reddit because Greg Auman dug it up for the obituary of Vince Kendrick, the fullback who scored the Bucs' first touchdown ever in this game.

First Bucs article

Amusingly, the Bucs almost won that preseason game -- something they didn't do at all that year, and didn't manage until week 13 of the 1977 season. They still lost, though: 10-6, the first indications that this franchise was going to live and die (mostly die) by the defense.

Anyway, enjoy that little piece of Buccaneers history.