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Daily Bucs Links: McShay talks QBs

Here's your open thread for today.

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Can Alvin 'Bud' Dupree realize his immense potential in the NFL? -
Alvin 'Bud' Dupree has the potential to be an elite NFL pass rusher, but his inconsistency makes him one of the riskiest potential first-round picks of 2015. Stephen White breaks down the tape.

Aaron Hernandez still hasn't been suspended by the NFL -
Roger Goodell gets it right by not suspending Hernandez. It's not like he has been convicted beyond a reasonable doubt of killing someone.

The owner every NFL team really deserves -
The Packers are in good hands, but the rest of the league could use a little help putting someone who really cares in the owner's suite.

One Buc Mailbag: New Faces, New Rules
This week's mailbag attacks fan-submitted questions about the arrival of a new offensive coordinator, the NFL's rule changes and the idea of drafting cornerbacks this year.

Pro Day Roundup: Week 4
Results from this week's pro days.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offseason overview: Offense - ESPN
A position-by-position look at where Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offense stands

Buccaneers' offseason overview: Defense - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Blog - ESPN
The Bucs have been much more active in free agency on defense than theyve been on offense.

McShay On QB Landing Spots - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: Todd McShay discusses the teams that could be interested in drafting quarterbacks Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota in the 2015 NFL draft.

2015 NFL Mock Draft | Tampa Bay Times
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers own the first overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, so there is considerably more anticipation for this draft on the part of Tampa Bay Bucs fans than for any other in recent memory. What would you do in the Bucs' shoes? This is your chance to build your own NFL draft and share it with your friends.

SR's Fab 5: Bucs' Have Big Plans For Sims, Yet Tampa Bay Will Draft Another RB | Pewter Report
SR's Fab 5 is a collection of inside scoop, analysis and insight from yours truly, Pewter Report publisher and Bucs beat writer Scott Reynolds.