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NFL Trade Rumors: Mike Glennon on the block

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been fielding calls about Mike Glennon's availability, Lovie Smith said yesterday at his hour-long breakfast talk.

"We've had the first pick and we've been taking calls for a long period of time, and I assume that would go right up until the draft," Smith said, via the Tampa Bay Times. "Yes, specifically on Glennon.

"I think we want to have our quarterback position as strong as possible. Yes, you're a veteran and you've been in the league, you can help a young player coming in a little bit more. But Mike Glennon is on our roster because we think he can play. You need more than one good quarterback, that's why Mike is there. No one is working harder than Mike Glennon at improving his body and becoming a better quarterback."

The Bucs were rumored to be shopping Glennon last year, but no trade materialized. While the team keeps referring to Glennon as the "future," it's pretty clear that they're not that enamored with him: he was benched for Josh McCown, and then kept on the bench throughout the season regardless of how poorly McCown played.

Trading their backup quarterback would give the Bucs some much-needed added assets, either in the form of players or draft picks, but it would also leave them with Seth Lobato as the only quarterback currently on the roster. Every valuable veteran quarterback has long since been snapped up, so finding someone to back up whoever they draft with the number one pick will be a major problem.

Of course, fielding calls on Glennon isn't the same thing as actually trading him, so we'll have to wait and see whether they even get a good-enough offer to consider doing so.