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Stefen Wisniewski recovering from shoulder surgery

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers brought in Stefen Wisniewski for a visit at the start of free agency, but haven't signed him. Or not yet, at least. Now we have a reason why: Brad Biggs writes that the lineman is recovering from shoulder surgery, and has been asking for a $4 million per year contract, which no team has been willing to give him.

The Bucs still need two starting offensive linemen, and Wisniewski could plug right in at right guard, or at center if they're willing to move over Evan Dietrich-Smith. Wisniewski has visited other teams too, though, and he's not the best lineman aroud -- an adequate starter, but not a difference-maker, so there's a solid chance the Bucs will still pass on him.

But this far into free agency, he's probably going to have to settle for a cheaper contract. Which would suit the value-obsessed 2015 Bucs just fine. So don't rule out the Bucs for Wisniewski just yet.