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Jameis Winston Weight Issue Becoming a Concern

The presumptive first overall pick doesn't look the part physically.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

When news surfaced about a picture showing an unflattering photo of Jameis Winston, the internet exploded with comments about the star QB's conditioning. Winston's handlers assured us all that the picture was taking at an awkward angle and that he as fit as ever.

Winston looked good during the combine, sporting no visible out of shape look and weighing in just 10 lbs more than Marcus Mariota.

Well, in a picture posted on his instagram today, Jameis again looks out of shape.

Now keep in mind we have no idea when this photo was taken. We just know Jameis posted it today. It of course has invited the inevitable comparison to JaMarcus Russel, the former number one overall pick of the Oakland Raiders, who ate and purple drank his way out of the league, never reaching his potential.

As one of the few Winston supporters here among our writers at BucsNation, even I took pause at this picture. Its disturbing to see the player you hope to place your franchise on his back a little flabby in the mid-section.

Jameis was caught by TMZ having a burger at IN-an-Out as a pre-game meal in the National Championship game. Look, plenty of college kids have a love for fast food. Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady aren't exactly chiseled Adonises either.

Jameis' weight began to balloon (no pun intended) after he sustained an ankle injury last season. The injury hurt his mobility and the added weight certainly didn't help.

According to his QB trainers, he lost nearly 30 lbs before the combine. So he's working hard to get in shape.

But what happens when he gets his millions? Will he blow it all on big macs and cheese fries? The Bucs want Roethlisberger not Jared Lorenzen as their QB.

Look, I certainly am no one to talk. I love me some burgers and fries just like the next fat American but I'm also not trying to escape NFL defensive linemen either. Its truly understandable for people to question Jameis' dedication when he shows up to work like that. Your QB shouldn't look like an o-lineman. Hey, maybe he can play guard?

Seriously though, everything we've heard and read regarding Jameis is he's a tireless worker who is dedicated to football and becoming the best quarterback he can be. Maybe he just has a soft spot for fatty foods or maybe FSU's nutritionist is terrible at his or her job.

If they make Jameis the pick, the Buccaneers need to closely monitor his diet to ensure he is eating properly and create a training regimen that will help him keep his weight down.

Added to his interception problems and other off-the-field issues, it makes you wonder if the Bucs are putting all their chips in the right basket.