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Buccaneers post-free agency needs: right guard

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a huge hole at quarterback, but after that their biggest need is at right guard. Which is exactly where it was last year, and arguably the year before that, too. The Bucs spent years not drafting offensive linemen, which has now finally come back to bite them given that there's almost no young talent on the roster.

The Bucs currently have three offensive guards on the roster: Logan Mankins, Kadeem Edwards and Patrick Omameh, with the three centers Josh Allen, Evan Dietrich-Smith and Jeremiah Warren all theoretically able to play the position, too. They also have Garrett Gilkey hanging around, but we prefer not to speak of him. Mankins will be on the roster this year, and he'll play left guard. That leaves completely untested Edwards and not-all-that-promising Omameh at right guard. Neither Allen nor Warren have shown anything at the position.

So the Bucs really have no starter at right guard right now. And you kind of need a right guard to win in the NFL. Or to play, you know, football. At all.

It's kind of amazing that the Bucs went into this offseason with right guard as their biggest need, and they haven't even managed to sign some random backup somewhere. Nothing. Not a peep. Let alone a player worthy of a starting role. The only guy they went after was Stefen Wisniewksi, and he didn't even sign -- though he is still available. Wisniewski could start, though he's not exactly a world-beater. But anything's better than no starter right?

So hey, we can probably pencil in "right guard" for either the Bucs' second-rounder or third-rounder. Then again, that's what we all thought last year, and they ended up taking a running back and tight end instead. So, yeah, there's that.

If the Bucs don't draft a lineman, they'll have to hope that Edwards and Omameh can somehow morph together into one capable starter. Otherwise they'll just end up trading for some overly-expensive veteran during the preseason. Which is exactly what they did last year at left guard.

But hey, at least Oniel Cousins is no longer on the roster.