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NFL Draft 2015: Buccaneers get no compensatory picks

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will receive no compensatory draft picks in the 2015 NFL draft, as the NFL announced all of the compensatory picks today. Each year, teams are awarded draft picks to compensate for a net loss in free agency. Because the Bucs lost few free agents last year and instead signed a whole bunch of them, their lack of compensatory picks comes as no surprise.

The last time the Bucs even got a compensatory selection was 2011. They received a seventh-rounder, which they used on Daniel Hardy -- who then never played for the team. In total, the team's had just 13 compensatory picks since 2001, from which they got only one useful player: Erik Lorig (2010). Only two of those picks came in a round higher than the seventh.

That's probably not going to change next year, as the Bucs have signed a few low-profile free agents, which compensates for losing a few low-profile free agents. That's the downside of being active in free agency. Well, one of them, along with all the overpaid busts the Bucs have signed over the years.