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NFL scraps blackout policy

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is no longer going to have a blackout policy, according to Kevin Clark of the Wall Street Journal. The owners voted to remove the rule from the books today, which means that Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans will no longer have to worry whether their favorite team can be seen on local TV, regardless of the amount of tickets sold for each game.

The Buccaneers haven't had a blackout since 2012, as the Glazers have taken to buying up the remaining seats to guarantee the games are aired locally. The blackout policy never really made sense to me in this day and age, and I'm not sure it was ever really all that useful, but no need to worry about that now.

So hey, rejoice. You'll be able to see the Buccaneers on television next year, regardless of ticket sales or owner decisions. Hurray!