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NFL Mock Draft: Jameis Winston consensus is complete

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As is the case each week, Dan Kadar has a new mock draft out -- and it has Jameis Winston going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the number one pick. That consensus is so strong that finding a mock draft that doesn't have Winston at number one is swiftly becoming impossible. Andrew Astleford's weekly roundup certainly finds none. Later today, the SB Nation blogger mock draft gets under way -- and I had the Bucs taking Jameis Winston there, too.

More interesting than that is Kadar's assessment of Winston. In one paragraph, he essentially sums up what you can expect in the Florida State prospect, his strengths, and his weaknesses.

Scouting report: From a physical standpoint, Winston is exactly what you want in a quarterback. He possesses a strong arm, moves around well and is a big player who is hard to to take down. Winston shows good toughness in the pocket and will go through his progressions when there is traffic surrounding him. Especially when he was working with receiver Rashad Greene, Winston showed good timing to release the ball before the receiver was out his break. Can complete passes to all areas of the field with ease. Puts good touch on his short and intermediate throws and doesn't put too much air on deep passes. On-field intelligence is without question. Off the field, teams will have to determine if he's just immature or if the character issues are legit. Winston would sometimes put the ball in a bad spot relying on his ability and throw an interception. Winston's biggest flaw is recognizing underneath coverage. They'll sometimes move in front of his target to break up or intercept the pass. Will need to be cognizant of his release. Sometimes gets long in his delivery, but he attributed that to playing baseball. Had a tighter delivery in 2014.

This all gets to the core of what Winston is: from an on-field perspective Winston is not flawless, but he's closer than any prospect since Andrew Luck. He does have things he needs to work on, but so does every prospect that enters the NFL. You could certainly see him tossing a few too many interceptions early in his career and missing a few too many throws, but that shouldn't stop him from being a productive player in the NFL.

Barring new developments or some shifting perspective of the Bucs' views on Winston's off-field prospects, it's safe to say that he's likely to be the pick.