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Lovie Smith: There are other good players in the 2015 NFL draft

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are widely expected to take a quarterback with the first overall pick, presumably Florida State's Jameis Winston. But don't tel Lovie Smith, who in an interview with Steve Wyche noted that there are other players they could go after.

"I just know I can see why people would assume that we are going to take a quarterback. There are two excellent quarterbacks that are available at the top. And when you get a chance to draft someone like that most of the time people do. But there are other good players in the draft also. I think it's a deep draft."

So yeah, that's factually correct. There are other good players in this draft. It is a deep draft, particularly at defensive end. The Bucs could take a player at another position. You know, theoretically.

But nah, they're going to take a quarterback. Because if that's not what they were going to do, they would've made sure to have more than just Mike Glennon on the roster. They would've signed some random veteran, maybe even kept Josh McCown. While nothing's literally done until it's really done, this one's a done deal. The Bucs are taking a QB. Question's just which one.