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NFL teams now hate Marcus Mariota for saying the same thing Jameis Winston did

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

NFL teams are apparently angry at Marcus Mariota for...saying he doesn't particularly care if he's drafted number one overall in an interview with Tampa Bay Buccaneers' media guy Scott Smith. Because obviously Mariota has to be hyper-obsessed with a process he has no control over whatsoever. That's much healthier!

Here's the offending quote: "Being the first pick is not a huge thing. You know, I'd love to play for the Bucs but that being said, if you find a team that wants you, that's gonna be the right team."

Here's a fun fact: Jameis Winston said essentially the exact same thing in his interview with the Buccaneers when he visited: "It's not really important for me to be the first pick, but it is important to me to be picked."

Oh. Hey. So, why didn't NFL teams fall all over themselves to tell their media contacts that Jameis Winston shouldn't have said that? Hm? Maybe because it's all a bunch of nonsense.

Look, you can not like Mariota's personality. You can think he's too demure, or humble, or whatever. I don't know -- I tend to think such subjective judgments are mostly due to some familiarity bias (this guy fits the stereotype of the shouty leader, this guy doesn't) rather than relevant information, but at least there's *something* to them.

But this? This is just dumb.