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Buccaneers tender Danny Lansanah, presumably same for Bradley McDougald

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have tendered exclusive-rights free agent Danny Lansanahper Greg Auman. That means he'll sign a minimum-salary contract to play for another year, after which he'll be a restricted free agent -- when tendering will cost significantly more, but still nowhere close to what a franchise tag would cost.

The Bucs have another exclusive-rights free agent in Bradley McDougald, and they'll presumably tender him too. McDougald and Lansanah are both set to start this season, McDougald strong safety and Lansanah at either middle or strongside linebacker, depending on whether or not the Bucs find a new middle linebacker this offseason.

Those are two pretty cheap starters, really. Players like that are  how you build a sustainable roster: bargain starters to balance out the expensive free agents and re-signed draft picks. And the Bucs are going to add a bunch of players in the last two categories this offseason, so they'd better get their cheap starters in.