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Will the Buccaneers go after Ndamukong Suh?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Ndamukong Suh will not be tagged, the Detroit Lions announced today. That means that one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL will hit the market, and it means some Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans will go goo-goo for Suh, but this seems unlikely.

Unfortunately, what seems unlikely to me is now being supported by at least one report. Dianna Marie Russini of NBC is reporting that the Bucs, Jaguars and Raiders will go after Suh. That fits with Pewter Report's consistent agitating for Suh as a Buccaneer.

But then, Greg Auman has consistently claimed that it's very unlikely the Bucs go after Suh, while Ira Kaufman today said the Bucs have no interest in breaking the bank for the defensive tackle.

I'm with Kaufman. The Bucs are already paying Gerald McCoy $13.5 million per year, and a further $3.25 million per year to Clinton McDonald. Adding another $15 million or so every year for Suh would be a ridiculous commitment to a single position. The Bucs have far more pressing positions to spend that money on like defensive end, offensive line, safety, offensive line, cornerback, offensive line, quarterback, offensive line, tight end, offensive line, slot receiver and offensive line.

All of this is likely to be a moot point, though. The Lions want Suh to come back and they have a week to negotiate a long-term deal before free agency hits. Even if Suh does make it to free agency, the Bucs would have to outbid a lot of teams for his services. That just doesn't seem very likely.