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Buccaneers no longer interested in Greg Hardy

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have lost interest in defensive end Greg HardyPro Football Talk reports. So it looks like he's headed to the Dallas Cowboys, and the Bucs will have to turn to the draft for a pass rusher. Just as they're going to have to do for two offensive linemen, and a quarterback. Something tells me that's going to be an issue.

Hardy's talent is not in question, with double-digit sacks in his last two full seasons. The issue is that his character is a massive question mark, with the biggest problem being a guilty verdict for assault and threatening his ex-girlfriend, dismissed on appeal after prosecutors couldnt find the woman in quest.

it's not clear whether the Bucs were ever seriously interested in Hardy. They may have simply gotten stuck in the exploratory phase. Regardless, the Bucs now need to find a pass-rusher somewhere else for their defense to function.