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Buccaneers would trade Doug Martin for Adrian Peterson

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It appears the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are kind of done with Doug Martin. That's according to Pewter Report, who published a column filled with notes on the Bucs' efforts in free agency yesterday. What's more, they noted that the Bucs would be interested in moving Martin in a straight swap for Adrian Peterson, provided the latter would be willing to take a pay cut.

Martin looked like a true feature back way back in 2012, when he racked up nearly 2,000 yards from scrimmage, but fell off the map since then. Averaging just 3.7 yards per carry since then, the Muscle Hamster has looked more like an eminently replaceable backup than a capable starter over the past two years. Martin's issues had a variety of causes, but one of those causes was his own play.

That wasn't lost on the Bucs, who re-signed Bobby Rainey this offseason and drafted Charles Sims last year. With Mike James in the building too, they have the talent in place to replace Martin by a committee.

But that doesn't appear to be the team's preference. Pewter Report notes that not only would the Bucs be interested in trading for Adrian Peterson at a cheap price, they also pursued DeMarco Murray, who turned out to be too expensive for their liking.

It seems pretty clear that the Bucs are willing to move on from Martin, and want to find a real back they can count on. Doing the former is easy, but the latter will be a real problem. It's not like the Bucs don't have a slew of other needs to fill, too.