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Buccaneers general manager says Marcus Mariota brings high character, class

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had Marcus Mariota in the building yesterday, and after posting an interview with the quarterback they've now posted an interview with general manager Jason Licht about the Oregon prospect's visit, too. High praise was handed out, especially for Mariota's character.

"What he can bring to this organization, this town is a guy with high character, that will represent this organization with class, and will give everything that he has to work toward becoming a great quarterback," Licht said.

"He's a very productive player that has a lot of accolades, obviously a Heisman trophy, a very efficient player and obviously a player that's a lot of fun to watch."

One note piqued my interest was his note on Mariota's personality.

"Any time you're meeting with any player you want to sit down with him one-on-one and you want to try to get him in a relaxed atmosphere, just to get the true personality. And I don't believe think in all my years in the NFL I've seen a player that has had as much success as he's had, be as humble as he was."

That's not necessarily a good thing, nor something that'll appeal to Jason Licht, who often speaks of working with Tom Brady. The latter isn't exactly known for his humble outlook.