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Watch Marcus Mariota talk to the Buccaneers

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Mariota visited the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today, and as the Bucs did when Jameis Winston visited, they posted a video of an interview with Mariota in the building on their website. Click the link and go watch it! Or read the quotes below.

"This is an opportunity how much you know mentally" Mariota said. "It's going to be one of those times where you get to kind of talk about football. I've been looking forward to it, it's going to be a lot of fun."

"[The Xs and Os are] gonna be huge. Again, it's an opportunity to kind of market yourself and show how much you know, and again, just kind of looking forward to it."

Mariota didn't exactly give any insightful answers, but he still emphasized he'd like to be a member of the Bucs.

"Of course [I could see myself as a Buccaneer]. It'd be a great opportunity. For me I'll try to make the most of it, and again, it'd be a blessing to be here."

"Being the first pick is not a huge thing. You know, I'd love to play for the Bucs but that being said, if you find a team that wants you, that's gonna be the right team. And I'm looking forward to kind of marketing myself and finding that team."