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NFL Trade Rumors: Buccaneers reportedly trying for Adrian Peterson

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are interested in trading for running back Adrian Peterson, and have "aggressive plans in place" to do so, Gil Arcia of reports. Arcia does not know whether the Bucs have actually initiated trade talks, and it's not clear how serious their interest in Peterson is, but at least there's some. An earlier report claimed that Peterson wanted to come to Tampa, among other teams.

Which is kind of odd to me, given that the Bucs just tendered Bobby Rainey with a $1.5 million contract. They now have Doug Martin, Rainey, Charles Sims and Mike James on the roster, which is a pretty deep stable of backs. The Bucs don't have a back they can truly hang their hat on, though, which may be what they see in Peterson.

But the best back to play in the NFL over the past decade is well past his prime (he'll turn 30 in two weeks), pled guilty to a misdemeanor for beating his son bloody with a switch, and has the most ridiculous contract of any back in the NFL. He's set to make $13 million this year, $15 million in 2016 and $17 million in 2017, all non-guaranteed. Peterson is good, but he's not worth anywhere close to those numbers. If the Bucs trade for him, he'll almost certainly have to sign a new contract.