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Chip Kelly squashed Marcus Mariota trade rumors

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly traded for Sam Bradford yesterday, giving up Nick Foles, a 2016 second-round pick in the process and some very complicated trade terms. Given the fact that he traded away assets to get Bradford, that made a Marcus Mariota trade a lot less likely. And to make sure that no one thinks he's going to do it, Kelly just committed to Sam Bradford as his starting quarterback for this year, and then emphatically made it known that he was not going to trade up for Mariota.

Kelly did call Mariota the best quarterback in this draft class, according to Eagles Insider, but that's about it.

We won't see trade rumors stop until the Tampa Bay Buccaneers actually make their selection, but at least we can scratch the Eagles off the list. And really, any trade is extremely unlikely. The Bucs seem set to draft a quarterback, and it looks like that'll be Jameis Winston.

But first, they have to fill some holes in free agency. So stick with us for all that coverage, too.