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Is Wisniewski playing guard or center for the Buccaneers, if signed?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bringing in Stefen Wisniewski for a visit, there's some confusion over where the Bucs plan on playing the former Oakland Raiders center: at his natural position of center, or his old position of guard? Wisniewski can play both, and the Bucs already have a center in Evan Dietrich-Smith -- one with a fully-guaranteed salary.

Pewter Report cites the Bucs themselves in claiming they see him as a guard, while JoeBucsFan talked to Donald Penn and an anonymous source to note that Wisniewski sees himself as a center. So yay, conflicting reports. I'd probably side with Pewter Report, given that they cite the Bucs, but JoeBucsFan's point is interesting: if Wisniewski wants to play center, why would he sign with a team planning to play him at guard?

Ultimately, this doesn't really matter. Both Evan Dietrich-Smith and Stefen Wisniewski can play guard and center. They're very similar players: solid but unimposing starters who can be useful but not dominant at either position. They're effectively interchangeable, which means that if the Bucs do sign Wisniewski, they can figure out who starts where at a later point in time.